tilmicox solución

tilmicox® solución

Effective control of respiratory diseases.

TILMICOX® SOLUCIÓN is oral use solution based on tilmicosin macrolide antibiotic, indicated for the treatment of digestive, systemic and respiratory diseases in poultry and pigs.

• High affinity for the respiratory tract;• High concentration in defense cells;• High fat solubility;• Proven efficacy for the main respiratory pathogens;• Release for all markets.

Each 100 ml of TILMICOX® SOLUCIÓN contains:

Tilmicosin (as phosphate) ………….. 25 gExcipients c.s.p. ………………………. 100 ml(equivalent to 27.8 g of tilmicosin phosphate)INDICATIONS:

It is administered in drinking water.
POULTRY: 10 – 15 mg / kg per day. The treatment should be continuous for 5 to 7 days.
PIGS: 10 – 20 mg / kg per day. The treatment should be continuous for 10 days. CALVES 1 ml / 20 kg of live weight for 3 – 5 days.


240 ml and1 L bottles.

Withdrawal Period

POULTRY: 12 days
PIGS: 14 days.
CALVES: 42 days.

– Do not use in laying poultry whose eggs are intended for human consumption.