Always guided by science and care for animal health and welfare, there are more than 25 years of history that accompany our thirst for the development of affordable solutions for maintenance and treatment of diseases of poultry and swine.

We are a reference in animal health thanks to the constant search for innovation and pioneering, which accompanies us throughout our trajectory.

We develop products aimed at maintaining the health and well-being of poultry and swine in full compliance with the technical and regulatory needs of the global market.

Our broad portfolio includes medicines administered via feed, drinking water and injectable, which contribute to the production chain, and offer a higher quality animal protein at the consumer’s table.

Our production plant is in Jaguariúna, SP, Brazil.

Our quest for constant evolution and expansion makes us present in more than 50 countries around the world. Our excellence goes beyond borders. We feed the world with the best.




We were the first veterinary drug industry in Brazil to obtain GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification, which covers a set of measures to be adopted by the industries in order to ensure the sanitary quality and compliance of products, ensuring a high animal protein quality.


This is what we believe: a work that values every detail, from research to development, from raw materials to the final solution. That goes beyond healing by promoting the welfare of poultry and swine. That takes this care closer and closer to the professionals who care for animal health.


Brazil is a world reference in poultry and swine farming. We are one of the largest animal health companies in Brazil, and we are technically approved by the largest animal protein producers and exporters in the country, which means that the quality used to meet the most demanding markets is also present in our product line.


Through a fully computerized process, it is possible to have online control of the entire production chain, from the suppliers to the final consumer. Thus, by identifying the batch, the entire product history can be quickly obtained, which guarantees the security that the customer needs.


We invest heavily in the development of new products through a team of multidisciplinary researchers including pharmacists, chemists and veterinarians.

Our products are developed internally in our own state-of-the-art laboratories for development and validation of analytical methods. We respect strict national and international quality standards, in full synergy with today’s zootechnical challenges.

All this to ensure a great value for our customers.


In its manufacturing plant, FARMABASE has exclusive lines for the production of different classes of medicines, avoiding cross contamination and ensuring the safety, efficacy and purity of each product during the production process. Their rooms are classified according to the number of suspended particles and qualified according to ISO 14644-1 requirements in ISO Class 7 and 8 clean rooms. The classified rooms have interlocking doors that guarantee differential pressure between different environments and are qualified annually to maintain control of the number of particulate matter, ensuring the cleanliness of the rooms.



1994 Foundation.

1997 Sending of reports of analysis of each batch of product acquired by clients. Farmabase starts a pioneering action in the veterinary market.

2004 Farmabase is one of the pioneer companies regarding the adaptation of the new regulations for registration of products and veterinary establishments, established by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) this same year.

2005 Implementation of the total traceability process.

2006 ISO 9001 certification and beginning of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) implementation process.

2008 Expansion of activities for Latin America.

2012 Consolidation of the leadership in the antimicrobial market for poultry and pork in Brazil.

2014 First GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) veterinary drug industry in Brazil.

2015 Consolidation as leader in the poultry and pork segments in Brazil.

2017 Farmabase acquires the Argentine company CEVASA, thus broadening its horizons and accelerating its process of global expansion.