Taking technical information to the poultry and swine market.

The PAT aims to provide the technical improvement of the technicians and producers participating in the poultry and swine production chain. The training is offered through courses, lectures and technical material with themes specially selected according to the needs of our clients. Thousands of technicians and producers are served annually throughout the country. One of the differences of PAT is the participation of the main technical experts in the market. This project reinforces Farmabase’s concern with the technical development of the pig and poultry market, as well as the diversification of services provided to our clients.

Strengthen ties with our customers and business partners.

Created in 2005, it is made through a visit to the company’s headquarters, where those involved know Farmabase‘s history and values, visit the factory, analysis laboratory and have contact with all the norms and quality standards adopted in the production, besides know the full traceability process.

Farmabase is pleased to be able to provide this experience to our customers and partners.

Facilitate the process of obtaining certification of cleaning validation in feed factories.

The Feed Control program is another pioneering action by Farmabase and is intended to assist customers in meeting the requirements of Ordinance 798/2023.

Created in 2010, this program is aimed at feed mills and is based on training on Ordinance 798/2023, development of line cleaning protocol and construction of technical report to be sent to the Ministry of Agriculture.