Altrenogest 0.4%

The defined tool to secure your coverage target.

SUIGEST® is an affordable resource that ensures predictability on the occurrence of estrus of gilts and sows, thus allowing to achieve the coverage target in sows. SUIGEST® is a synthetic progestogen based on altrenogest at 0.4%, indicated for synchronization of sows estrus, at a dose of 20 mg of altrenogest, equivalent to 5 mL of the product, being administered orally, for 18 consecutive days in gilts and for 3 consecutive days in primiparous and multiparous.

  • Synthetic progestogen;
  • Promotes the postponement of follicular phase, keeping the females in anestrous during the supply period;
  • Allows synchronization of estrus and coverings;
  • Optimizes the farm labor force.

Each 100 mL of SUIGEST® contains:
Altrenogest…………………………………..0.4 g
Excipient q.s…..………………………..100 mL

SUIGEST® is indicated for gilt, primiparous and multiparous estrus synchronization.

Gilts: Daily oral supply of 20 mg of altrenogest, equivalent to 5 mL of SUIGEST® for 18 consecutive days. After 5 to 7 days of product supply interruption, the gilts will manifest estrus. Preferably perform the treatment on gilts that have already shown at least one estrus.

Primiparous and multiparous: Daily oral supply, at a dose of 20 mg of altrenogest, equivalent of 5 mL of SUIGEST®, for 3 consecutive days, starting the supply 1 (one) day before weaning. After 3 to 5 days from the products supply interruption the sows will come into estrus.


Each box contains 6 bottles of 500 mL each.

Withdrawal Period

9 days for swine slaughter.


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